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The integration of young refugees at schools, vocational education, and the employment system is of crucial importance for their equal participation and the social acceptance of immigration. Since many of the immigrants are subject to compulsory vocational schools, a fundamental importance is attributed to the system of vocational education. In Baden-Württemberg, the young refugees attend the full-time pre-vocational training measures VABO (pre-vocational training year with the main focus being on learning German – Vorqualifizierungsjahr Arbeit/ Beruf mit Schwerpunkt Erwerb von Deutschkenntnissen).

So far, not much is known about early integration processes of the current immigrants into the (vocational) education system, the employment system, and the society in general. The interdisciplinary study addresses this issue by connecting the perspectives of sociology and educational science. The results concerning the transitions after the VABO-class, German language skills, educational aspirations, and characteristics of integration and acculturation, are supposed to contribute to the reduction of the information- and research deficit. 


"RISE" is part of the research programme „Netzwerk Bildungsforschung“ (Educa-tional Research Network) of the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung.

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