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A survey with two terms of measurement among the refugees, which are subject to compulsory vocational schools and pupils in VABO-classes, will be executed in the administrative district (Regierungsbezirk) Freiburg.

The first term of measurement (May-July 2017) includes questions about moving, previous education, educational aspiration, family situation and integration indicators (e.g. social contacts, attitudes towards country of destination).

The aim of the second survey (March-July 2018) is the analysis of changes between the two terms of measurement as well as the transitions and connection solutions after the VABO-class.

Instruments used in each term of measurement are online questionnaires and surveys to capture language level and cognitive competence. To overcome language barriers, questionnaires and instructions will be translated into several languages (German, Arabic, English, French, Pashto, Persian, Tigrinya).

The sample consists of 1,700 students in 100 VABO-classes in the area of (the regional council) Freiburg.

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