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Main research questions/ aims

Which pupils attend the VABO-classes? What are the prerequisites and characteristics they bring along?
The study aims to describe integration-relevant characteristics (e.g. migration biographies), early integration processes into education and work (language skills, transition after attending the VABO-classes) as well as the society (extracurricular integration) in longitudinal section.
Which factors can explain inter-individual and group-specific differences in the integration processes? 
The question that arises in particular is whether group-specific patterns (e.g. regarding country of origin) can be identified after controlling the individual prerequisites for educational success.

Which methodological findings for data collection among recently immigrated refugees can be drawn?
The survey instruments will be tailored as precisely as possible on the basis of information regarding linguistic skills and the willingness to provide information, as well as the dropout-rates during and between school years. 


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